Posters and Talks

We invite all LaSIGE members to submit a poster on their ongoing work. All submitted posters will be presented during the poster session. Posters will be voted by all LaSIGE members, and the two most voted posters will be presented in a special session during the workshop and receive a prize.

WHAT: Prepare a poster about your work to be projected during the poster session. Each poster will be up for 15 minutes.

FORMAT: The poster must be sent in the PDF format, following the poster template for the LaSIGE workshop.

ON THE DAY: Check your scheduled time slot and projector. Make sure to be next to your poster when it is your turn.

DEADLINE: Submit the poster by December 8th, 2016.

All submissions must be sent by e-mail with the title “Poster Submission” to: workshop (at)